A Little About Me: My Harley Quinn Obsession

Random ThingsBrooke EkelundComment

I feel the need to share my minor obsession with Harley Quinn (and my amazing Halloween costume, of course).

I made my own bat, gloves & bracelets.
Dyed my own hair (extensions).
Did my own makeup (on night #1, night #2 I got my makeup done at Blush Beauty Room).
Drew on my own tattoos (the ones on my face were purchased from tattly and tattify).
Purchased the "Puddin'" necklace from a lovely company on Etsy
Purchased my jacket from Film Jackets - a little spendy for my taste, and runs small.
Purchased my shorts from CoquetryClothing
Purchased my fishnets from Bootights
Purchased my boots from Ebay (also spendy, had to pay extra shipping to get them on time from China, lesson learned).
Purchased my shirt from a company on Ebay... they lost the package. I almost didn't get it in time. When in doubt. CONTACT CONTACT CONTACT.

I'm a little upset... but I didn't make the cut for 'Best Harley Quinn Costumes' this year. (I also didn't try to make this list, I saw it after the fact FYI)