blue bunny


blue bunny social media

stand out amongst other ice cream brands on various social media platforms.

create fun, engaging content for the blue bunny brand that feels more playful than other ice cream brands.

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blue bunny social media

the fun: 
create teaser content for new flavors + products without showing the new ice cream.


blue bunny social media

the fun: 
create playful content for valentines day + galentines day.


blue bunny social

the fun:
create other fun, engaging posts around the new bunny snacks and their packaging.


blue bunny social

lessons learned:
overall we created some really fun, playful content that got viewers excited about the new flavors/products.


blue bunny social team

Agency - Olson
Social Media Supervisor - Jason Parker
Writer/AE/Content Manager - Kate Turner
Photographer/Art Director - Brooke Ekelund