artcrank poster show 2016

create a Minnesota/bike themed poster design for the 2016 Artcrank poster show in Minneapolis. 

1. made a list of every idea that I had about biking.  
2. looked up each idea to see if it had been done in a show before. 
3. sketched out + designed 6 of my favs. 
4. chose final design. 
5. worked with a friend at Burlesque to print.
she walked me through the process of paper selection, to color selection, to how screens work.


artcrank poster show 2016

I've been obsessed with bright, neon colors lately and always thought the bikes with neon rims were neat looking (especially at night). The Prince part of it came later in my process. A few days before he passed, he was seen riding his bike around Paisley Park, happy as can be. So that just kind of tied it all together for me.


artcrank poster show 2016

It was fun coming up with a name for the poster, I based it off of how Prince titled his songs. And if you look real close, you'll see that I managed to sneak a halftone pattern of the Prince logo in there.



Designer - Brooke Ekelund
Screenprint Shop - Burlesque
Printer - Sarah Schatz