Nu Skin - Skincare


nu skin
skincare naming + branding

client need: 
create a brand name, identity and style guide that articulates Nu Skin’s new skincare line, derived from the fallen fruits of the Marula tree.

we presented 5 names with moodboards to help communicate what the names meant to us.


nu skin
skincare naming + branding

The client loved all 5 moodboards and names, but decided to go with the yellow, V.Real board and the name RAU, derived from marula. We combined the two to create an earthy, zenful vibe.


nu skin
skincare naming + branding

We then brought the RAU story and personality to life in a wordmark, copy tone, packaging design, brand guide, website page and social concept.



Agency - Olson
Creative Director/Writer - Darcy Clemenson
Designer - Brooke Ekelund