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hisense social media

establish their brand as a top TV + appliance brand across their various social channels.

create a fresh new look on the brand's social media channels. 
help to engage users with product releases, 4K messaging, 4-year warranty messaging and fun, socially-relevant content.

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hisense social media

the fun: 
create bright, attention-grabbing content that entertained + educated viewers.


hisense social media

the fun: 
create relevant content based on national days + holidays that was unique to hisense.


hisense social team

Agency - Olson
Creative Director - Matt Pruett/Nina Orezzoli
Interactive Art Director/Designer - Brooke Ekelund
Photographer - Maria Erickson/Rachel Knoll
Writer/Content Manager - Kristy Kundrat
Social Media Supervisor - Jason Parker


hisense brand + product videos

create a brand video, as well as individual product videos to get people excited about buying from them.

starting with TVs, we created a short branded clip about each of their models.
we then created a longer brand video about their company as a whole.


hisense brand + product videos

agency - olson
creative director - nina orezzoli
interactive art director/designer - brooke ekelund
writer - hillary churchill
VO - hillary churchill
animation - michael lavine